A furnace filter plays an integral role in the efficiency and performance of your heating system. In fact, a clean filter along with annual system maintenance are the keys to helping your system run as cleanly and efficiently as possible for the optimum in indoor comfort.

Here are the top 5 reasons to regularly clean or change your furnace filter.

  1. When a filter is clogged with dirt and dust, your heating system must work harder to deliver perfectly warmed air through your home. That alone can drive up your heating costs. That’s why you should clean or replace the filter, on average, every two months – more often if needed.


Clean & Replace Your Furnace Filter


  1. A clogged filter can lead to costly and more frequent repairs. Let’s say after years of neglecting to change the filter, you are lucky enough to simply need a repair instead of replacement. That’s a service call – or several – you may have been able to do without if you’d have changed the filter once every two months or so.


  1. A clean filter helps prevent premature system aging and failure. It stands to reason that a furnace that works overtime to keep you warm and comfortable won’t last as long as one that receives proper and regular preventive maintenance.


  1. One purpose of an air filter is to trap dust, dirt, allergens, and pathogens before they hit your living space, while allowing warmed (or cooled) air to pass through without a struggle. As such, a clean filter translates into cleaner air, and that’s a relief for anyone struggling with allergy and asthma symptoms.


  1. A clean filter keeps your home cleaner by keeping dust and dirt out of your living spaces where it can safely land on furniture, lamp shades, carpets and more. Why waste extra time cleaning when a filter can do part of the job for you?!

At PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling, heating and AC preventive maintenance are essential parts of our service repertoire. All at once, we can help your system run cleaner, better, and last longer, too. Contact us today to schedule service, especially if it’s been a year or longer since your systems were thoroughly cleaned and inspected.