“Jack and Jill went up the hill…where they shared a bathroom.”

No, that’s not exactly how the nursery rhyme goes. Yet Jack and Jill bathrooms – bathrooms placed between two bedrooms – are cost effective, stylish, and space saving options many families enjoy today. What exactly is a Jack and Jill bathroom? And is it right for your household?

Jack and Jill Bathrooms Explained

A Jack and Jill bathroom is positioned between two bedrooms or a guest room and home office. Both doors are equipped with locks to ensure privacy and each entrance has a three-way light switch so lights can be turned on and off from either side. It can be a three, four, or five-piece bathroom depending on space and needs and can even feature double sinks – a great set up for children getting ready for school or bed at the same time.


  • Creating a shared bathroom eliminates the need for a second or third bathroom in your home, thus freeing up space for an extra closet, a larger bedroom, a den, or whatever else suits your lifestyle.
  • One bathroom means one set of fixtures, one floor to tile, and one tub or shower surround. One less bathroom also means reduced water consumption – good for your wallet and the environment.
  • As your children get older, having their “own” bathroom teaches independence. They can learn to be responsible for keeping it clean and orderly, while learning how to share a space with their siblings.
  • Accommodating overnight guests can be a challenge, one that can be mitigated with a Jack and Jill bathroom adjacent to a guest bedroom.


  • One less bathroom can mean double the number of arguments between family members pleading their case for immediate bathroom time.
  • Because Jack & Jill bathrooms are sandwiched between two rooms, there’s no direct hallway or open space access.
  • Once the children are grown and out of the house, the bathroom loses its main purpose. While it’s still a perfectly good bathroom, it can still be somewhat difficult or awkward to enter.

Design Ideas

When designing a Jack and Jill bathroom, consider the needs of the users. Are they, for example, small children close in age? If so, consider installing a double vanity complete with two smaller or one large mirror so they each can wash up at the same time. As they get older, add a mirror to each bedroom so they can get ready for the day without having to use the shared bathroom.

Have plenty of accessible storage for each user. Towel racks and hooks, cabinet space to keep their own toiletries and personal hygiene items, and bins for toys for the little ones.

Consider blending their individual styles when decorating by choosing a complimentary color palate that pleases both. A sunny yellow shower curtain for your daughter paired with a soft green bathmat for your son might be a crowd pleasing duo. Artwork and a shower curtain can help unify the space even more.

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