Patio or deck? Deck or patio? Deck and patio? So many questions but no answers – yet? The point is, you want some sort of seating and gathering spot Indoor air quality  outdoors – you’re just not sure which way to go.

Well, deck lovers of Northeastern Massachusetts, unite! Because we’re deck lovers too. Then again, we also love patios. This blog, however, Indoor air quality   is voted to decks and a handful of reasons why you should consider building one of your own.

Decks Add Value to Your Home

Build it right and use high quality materials, and you give prospective buyers one more reason to choose yours over other homes they’ve looked at. It’s a virtual certainty.

Decks Add Livable Space

Yes, they aren’t of much use in the off-season except perhaps to keep on grilling but, when weather permits, you have a new space to habit and entertain on. And all while enjoying your own great outdoors.

Decks Add Backyard Beauty

Go online and look at before and after photos of the same homes with and without a deck. Do that, and you’ll want one even more – especially when you see just how creatively they can be furnished and accessorized.

Decks Are Easy to Maintain

Power wash it every year or so, repaint or re-stain as needed, and give it a good sweeping every now and then. Bam, you’re done.

Decks Can Add Privacy

Have a nosy neighbor who keeps track of your every outdoor move? One way to stoop them cold is to build a deck with a privacy wall. Then, once you hang plants from it or string up some LED lights, it will look like you meant the wall to be there from the beginning. You also can jazz up a deck with plants, an awning, a screened in dining area so it can be enjoyed even in the rain, and more.

A World of Creative Design Possibilities

One level, two levels, maybe even more. Elevated or close to the ground. Railings all around or no railings at all. Carpeted steps or plain wood. Getting the idea? Only your imagination limits you to how your deck can be built, and how big or small it might be.

Deck or patio, PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling is ready to help you enjoy your home even more, inside and out. Our licensed and experienced team of home remodelers will gladly share ideas with you and make sound recommendation. You’ll even get a custom proposal and project bid. Contact us today to schedule an onsite consultation.