Most American homes have at least one outdoor faucet. Come to think of it, most homes have one outdoor plumbing faucet…period.

Well, the home and garden centers must love you for all the extra hoses and watering cans you buy just to keep up with your outdoor watering needs. Local car washes love you too for all the extra business you drive their way.

And now for the good news: PC Plumbing can quickly add one or more outdoor faucets to your home so you can suddenly reach more of what you want to water or clean, including yourself with a new outdoor shower or sink.

Practical Uses for Outdoor Plumbing

Here’s something else to consider – you can choose “cold” only for an outdoor faucet or “hot and cold”. You also have a choice of single and dual-handled models. But the idea is the same: with hot and cold water mixed to your liking, you can do a better and faster job of cleaning your car while tackling other jobs not meant for cold water alone. For your added peace of mind, we even install freeze-less outdoor faucets…one less thing to worry about come winter.

Other Outdoor Plumbing Uses

What happens when you have a faucet in back, but not in front? Or the other way around? Certain things either get ignored – like washing your car or patio furniture – or you attach one or more extension hoses to the first. And that means a lot of unwinding and rewinding.

Forget all that with at least one more outdoor faucet. You’ll get so used to it – in a hurry! – you’ll forget what life was like before it.

Here are more uses for a second outdoor faucet:

  • Create a rock garden with its own waterfall
  • Keep a fresh supply water in your birdbath
  • Reach hard-to-get-at shrubs and flowers
  • Use it for a sprinkler system

We’re confident you can think of even more ways to put an additional outdoor water supply to work for you.  Contact PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling for more information or a free in-home consultation and proposal.