Some things are easy to let go of. Like a comb with only half its teeth left. ac repair wayland  An empty pill bottle. The leftover sliced ham you bought ten days ago. Each one a definite throw-away.

Then we have those possessions we’ve grown fond of, but even when circumstances dictate otherwise, they’re difficult to part with.  Like your car, for example. It’s been a champ for 7 or 8 years, never a lick a trouble and, but it also has 200,000 miles on it. No matter how much you love it, it won’t last forever.

And then there’s your AC system. You can’t drive, eat, or watch a show on it. But the day it was installed, you were elated and have enjoyed every minute of cool, comfortable air. But now it’s acting up and you’re stubbornly hoping that whatever is ailing it will go away by itself. Spoiler alert – that’s not going to happen.



Is it time to have your system examined, repaired, or replaced? Here’s what to look for:

  1.  It’s More than 10 Years Old

The Department of Energy advises you to replace your system every 10 to 15 years. Not only do wear and tear begin to take effect, but AC systems built before 2010 were made with R-22 refrigerant, more commonly known as Freon. Freon, which is harmful to the environment, has been replaced by R-410a, an eco-friendly alternative. There’s a limited supply of Freon left for recharges. As such, the cost for a recharge has skyrocketed – trust us, you won’t be a happy camper if you need a recharge any time soon.

  1. More Frequent Repairs & Higher Repair Bills

The longer your keep your system, the more likely serious repairs are to occur. Is it worth it, for example, to spend $2500 on a 10-year old system that’s only going to incur more repair costs?

  1. Your Energy Bills Keep Rising

The older your system, the less energy efficient it becomes. If you have an older system, no doubt you’re noticing the upward trend. Replace it now and enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

  1. You Can’t Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

Temperature inconsistencies typically mean that your air conditioning system is not powerful enough to supply air throughout your home, or that the ductwork is not properly installed. In either case, opting to hang on to your system will result in discomfort and higher costs – yet again.

  1. Excess Humidity

Here’s something else that happens as AC systems age – they steadily lose their ability to remove excess humidity from your home.  That leaves you with 3 choices: live with the excess humidity, purchase a whole-house dehumidifier, or replace your AC system – something you will eventually need to do anyway.

Contact PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling today to find out what’s causing your AC system to malfunction. If it makes sense to repair it, that’s what we’ll recommend. Otherwise, it might be time to say “good-bye” as you prepare to welcome in a brand new, high efficiency replacement system.