Not everyone keeps to the indoors during plumbing in wayland  the winter, but when the time comes to get back inside, you’re awfully grateful for the warm, soothing atmosphere…until it isn’t.

And while it’s bad enough coming home to little or new heat, how about a burst water pipe? Not just a repair problem, but potentially a giant mess to clean up.

To help prevent frozen pipe problems, PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling is pleased to prevent these words to the wise:


Your Plumbing in Winter


  • Wrap pipes near exterior walls with heating tape or insulation.
  • When going on vacation or any other time no one’s home for a day or more, don’t lower your thermostat below 55 degrees
  • To help ensure your home maintains enough heat to keep your pipes from freezing, replace older thermostats with programmable models that include Wi-Fi apps. That way, you can keep an eye on things while you’re away and adjust the temperature if you feel the need.
  • If you notice a decrease in water pressure from a faucet, check the connecting pipes for signs of freezing.
  • If a faucet or pipe is frozen, you can slowly thaw it with a hair dryer, starting closest to the faucet and working outward. And remember, never operate a hair dryer in or near standing water.
  • On extremely cold nights, turn on one faucet to just a trickle since moving water can’t freeze. That also will help prevent a spike in water pressure which contributes toward frozen pipe problems.
  • If you have water pipes in cabinets, open the doors before retiring for the evening so heat can reach inside.

Should you encounter a frozen or burst pipe problem despite your best efforts at prevention, contact the home plumbing professionals at PC for prompt and dependable service.  That’s what we’re known for.