Regardless of how organized a person you are, it’s easy for clutter to take control of your home. Holding on to huge piles of books, old electronics, and unwanted clothing not only takes up much-needed space, it can stress you out.

If you’re finally ready to make your home less cluttered and chaotic, we have you covered. Set aside just a few hours over the weekend to unload items you no longer need and start feeling the relief you’ve been craving. Follow these easy tips to bring the chaos under control.

Manage Media Madness

If you can’t remember the last time you watched one of the 50 DVDs you own…or no longer have a DVD player, it’s time to let them go. Do the same with old video games and consoles. You can donate them or try selling them if they are in good condition. While you’re at it, get rid of all the mysterious cords and chargers that don’t match anything you currently own.

Declutter Your Closets

Remove every item for your closet and dresser and donate anything that no longer fits or isn’t your style. Anything stained, torn, or damaged beyond repair goes in the trash. Say goodbye to shapeless, frayed, or uncomfortable undergarments, and toss any socks without mates. Organize the rest by keeping like items together.

Organize the Linen Closet

If opening your linen closet door releases a mountain of mismatched sheets and frayed towels, it’s time to declutter. Donate old sheets and towels to animal shelters and rescues and keep just a couple of complete sheet sets for each bed in the house and two or three towel sets per person. Use shelf dividers for stacking towels and a small bin for each family member’s sheet sets.

Control Medicine Cabinet Mayhem

Old prescriptions, expired sunscreen, perfume samples – it’s not uncommon for the medicine cabinet to overflow with miscellaneous items collected over time. Fortunately, this is one area that can be decluttered in under an hour. First, get rid of anything that’s expired. If your medicine cabinet is located in the same bathroom you shower or bathe in, there’s probably too much humidity for storing medications. Move OTC and prescription medicine to another bathroom or a kitchen cabinet or drawer. Organize items in a few small plastic organizer boxes and attach a self-stick magnetic strip to the inside of the door to securely hold scissors, tweezers, and other metal items.

Set Up a Command Center

Turn your kitchen into command central in a few easy steps. First, attach a couple of clear plastic file folders to the inside of your pantry door with double-sided tape and use them to keep track of the week’s events, menus, groceries lists, and other important to-dos. Add a dry erase calendar to keep track of appointments and events, or use a household calendar app. Finally, consider hanging a small chalkboard to plan out the week’s menu.

Cut Down on Kitchen Clutter

If there are three of you in the home, but 18 drinking glasses in the cabinet and six spatulas in the drawer, you can probably let a few go. Toss any cracked, broken, or heavily stained items out and donate the rest.

Clean Under the Kitchen Remodeling Sink

What do you see when you open the cabinet door beneath your kitchen remodeling sink? If it’s anything but plumbing, it’s time to organize. Start by pulling everything out and getting rid of unneeded and expired items. Then, place cleaning supplies in a handy caddy so you can grab and go on cleaning day. Finally, add an expandable organizer rack to keep supplies under control and provide easy access to plumbing when needed.

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