Do you need to clamp a clothes pin on your nose just to set foot in your own drain cleaning wayland bathroom – and not because someone just finished doing their business?

If so, one cause might a stinky drain problem – one emanating from your sink, shower, or tub. Over time, hair, soap residue, shampoo, and other products clump together to form a hefty barrier. Eventually bacteria will form – hence, the odor. Should you ignore the problem, sooner or later you’ll also have a clogged drain to deal with.

Until then, you at least want to make that foul odor disappear. Here are two tried and true methods:

Baking Soda and Vinegar – Pour equal amounts (up to a cup each) of baking soda and distilled white vinegar down the drain, and let that solution sit and work its magic for 30 minutes. Later, pour a teapot full of hot water down the drain to finish the job. The odor should be gone and hopefully the clogged hair mass along with it. Just to be sure, try reaching into it with screwdriver to pull out any remaining hair.

Organic Drain Cleaner – Organic drain cleaners like Bio-Clean do more than remove foul odors – they remove drain clogs, as well. In fact, they can even prevent clogged drain problems. Simply follow the instructions on the package or bottle.

Sink Drain – When regular maintenance fails (or you’ve failed to keep up with your deodorizing routine) there are some deep cleaning hacks to make your sink smell better. So, if your sink is emitting unpleasant odors, try one of these popular sink de-funking tricks:

  1. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water. Then flush your garbage disposal with this cleaning solution.
  2. Remove gunk from your garbage disposal blades with ice cubes and salt. Follow up with some lemon peels for freshness.
  3. Grind up lemon and/or orange peels in your disposal, then flush with hot water.

Drain Screens – Another way to prevent clogged drain problems is to install drain screens in your sink, tub, or shower. By washing and clearing them of gathered hair and other substances at least once a week, your bathroom is likely to smell fresh and clean for far longer.

What about now? Are you experiencing some kind of sewer or drain problem that you’re not able to handle alone? If so, contact the plumbing professionals at PC Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling today to break up tough-to-handle clogs, repair drain lines, or do whatever else it takes to solve the problem.