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Gas fireplace insert being installed in a home

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Whether you’ve recently moved into a home with a fireplace, or you’ve had one right along and are tired of the upkeep, we have an idea worth sharing.

P.C. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling is your full-service, Boston-area resource for gas fireplace insert installation, maintenance, and repair.

We can precisely fit a gas fireplace insert into your existing fireplace. That means no costly or messy demolition, plus fast and accurate project completion. As licensed plumbers and gas fitters, we also safely install gas connections and, in the process, can vent your new fireplace insert outdoors.

Speaking of outdoors, have you ever considered installing a gas fireplace on your deck or patio to enhance the mood on a warm summer’s evening? It can add a whole new dimension to your family’s enjoyment.

Gas Fireplace Insert Benefits

Here are more good reasons to install a gas fireplace insert or free-standing model:

  • More efficient than an open fireplace. Gas inserts have a sealed, air-tight door system which generates more heat than an open-space wood fireplace.
  • Helps reduce your heating costs.
  • Helps heat your home during a power outage — gas fireplace inserts don’t rely on electricity.
  • Increases your home’s resale value.
  • Multiple styles and designs to choose from for the perfect complement to indoor or outdoor décor.

To schedule routine maintenance, report a repair issue, or request a free in-home proposal on a new installation, contact P.C. today.

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