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We’ll let you in on a little secret: that “thing” in your basement that heats your home may or not be a furnace, but chances are you call it a furnace anyway. It’s just what people do.

And yet there’s an excellent chance you don’t have a furnace at all, and that your home is heated by a boiler or another type of home heating system. Here’s an easy way to remember which is which:

  • You have a furnace if your heating system heats air to provide heat and warm air is distributed through air ducts.
  • You have a boiler if your heating system heats water to provide heat, and warm air is distributed through baseboard units, radiators, or perhaps even an under-floor heating system.

This page is for you if you have a boiler. In fact, if you do, you’re in great company since boilers remain hugely popular throughout our service territory.

Boiler Maintenance | Home Boiler Tune-up

Boilers are built to last and last, but they won’t last long enough all without annual preventive maintenance. 

At P.C. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling, we are boiler heating specialists. As such, our preventive maintenance process is comprehensive to the core and for all kinds of boilers, including electric, oil, and gas. Here are just some of the steps we employ:

  • Check and clean the combustion chamber.
  • Ensure proper operation of air separator, valves and pumps.
  • Clean and inspect the heat exchanger.
  • Ensure all boiler connections and wiring are secure.
  • Ensure water pH levels are within the proper range.
  • Inspect condensate system and clean and flush the system as necessary.
  • Inspect and clean flame sensors, ignitor and burner assembly.
  • Inspect the venting system for deterioration, corrosion, or blockage to ensure all pipe and joint connections are secure.
  • Survey vent terminations and air inlet to make sure they’re unobstructed and clear.

Has it been a year or longer since your boiler was last inspected? If so, contact P.C. today and put your family’s comfort in our capable hands.

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    Boiler Repair | Boiler Replacement

    Having not enough heat or none at all are two clear-as-day signs that your boiler needs to be repaired or replaced. Other telltale signs include:

    • Loud banging or other strange noises
    • A foul odor indicating your boiler isn’t burning properly
    • A yellow vs. a blue flame indicates a carbon monoxide leak
    • Higher than normal heating bills
    • Water leaks
    • System cycles on and off

    If we can fix it, we’ll do so once you approve our guaranteed upfront price quote. If, however, your boiler is beyond repair or not worth the expense, count on P.C. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling to recommend a replacement system that “checks all the boxes” for reliable comfort, affordability, lasting indoor comfort, added safety, and reduced utility costs.

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