You have a standalone boiler and a standalone, tank-style water heater – all the comforts of home, so what’s not to love? Well, for one thing, you might not be loving how much you pay to heat your home and water!

Now, there’s an easy way out – without breaking the bank. And that’s to replace the standalone water heater with an indirect model, one that derives its heat from the boiler.

What is an Indirect Water Heater?

Also called a side-arm tank, an indirect water heater is a thermally efficient water storage tank that has internal heating coils like those found in old style electric ranges. These coils, which form the system’s heat exchanger, heat the water in the tank by circulating hot water from the boiler, providing a significantly greater supply of hot water than a traditional gas or electric standalone model.

Indirect water heaters do not have their own burners or flue stacks, so the system fires up less often, greatly reducing heat loss which translates into increased energy efficiency and lowered utility bills.

Installed as a prioritized zone on the home’s heating system, the entire capacity of the boiler is directed toward heating the tank when it “calls” for more hot water. But because this demand is satisfied so rapidly, you will not notice any interruption of comfort.

Additional Benefits of an Indirect Water Heater

  • With a properly sized boiler, recovery rates of an indirect water heater are up to five times faster than conventional tank-style systems. In fact, many homeowners report virtually limitless hot water.
  • Installation of an indirect water heater, its own zone valve, and prioritizing controls is a routine job for a licensed and experienced plumber, meaning there’s little down time before you can resume all your hot water using activities.
  • While you’ll pay a little more upfront compared to the cost of a traditional tank-style water heater, the increased performance, improved efficiency, and longer projected lifespan will certainly help recoup some of the costs.

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