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Ductless Air

Air Conditioning Without Air Ducts – What a Concept!

Even if this is the first time you’ve considered going ductless, there’s nothing new about the concept. In fact, ductless air systems first made their appearance in Japan in the 1970’s where many suburban homes are too close together to permit proper venting – the kind needed by conventional AC systems to expel warm air from indoors to out.

It took a while for the concept and reality of ductless air to arrive on US shores, but arrive it did, and it’s here to stay.

What can you do with a ductless air system, also called a mini-split? The better question is: how can P.C. make it work for you? And to that, the short answer is: “Plenty!” Here are some great examples of how a ductless air system can be employed in your home:

  • Whole-house or single-room heating and cooling
  • Whole-house or single-room cooling only
  • Provide conditioned air to a new addition, basement conversion, or 3-season porch
  • Heat and cool a garage where you store valuable items

One thing all such installations have in common is that no air ducts are required. That’s the beauty and essence of ductless heating and cooling.

Ductless Air System Features | Ductless Air System Benefits

Here are the main differences between a ductless air system vs. separate central heating and AC systems:

  • One system that does the job of two
  • Greater ease of maintenance
  • More energy efficient to help reduce utility costs
  • Conditioned air distributed through wall-mounted air handlers, not through vents or registers
  • Each outdoor condensing unit can power up to five air handlers
  • Each air handler has its own remote control for room-by-room temperature control and maximum energy savings

Annual Maintenance & Repair

On average, ductless air systems last for 20 years. Central air and heating systems, by comparison, have an expected equipment lifespan of 12 – 15 years each.

At P.C. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Remodeling, we provide expert preventive maintenance to help your ductless air system last even longer. Plus, we provide high-quality repair services for all makes and models.

Contact us today to schedule preventive maintenance, repair diagnostics, or a free quote on a new ductless air system for your home. P.C. – we give you more ways to live comfortably ever after.

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