With everything you must keep track of, plan, and do, some home maintenance tasks are bound to end up on the back burner. A small crack in the foundation, a leaky faucet, that pesky water stain on the ceiling – all things you plan to take care of…eventually.

While seemingly insignificant, minor issues can quickly turn into major problems if ignored too long. Keep an eye out for these 8 red flags and address them right away so that they don’t turn into much larger—and more expensive—repairs.


Clogged gutters can cause trouble during the winter, leading to ice or water damage. If you notice your gutters and downspouts are overflowing with leaves or seem not to be draining properly, give them a good cleaning, make sure they are firmly affixed to the house, and confirm that the downspouts drain away from the foundation.


A small crack in a sidewalk, step, or patio can quickly become a large crevice that could lead to a potentially hazardous situation, especially in winter. If water seeps in, it could freeze and expand, widening the crack and possibly compromising the structural integrity of an entire section. Repair cracks with a quick-setting filler or mortar mix to prevent a tiny gap from growing into a huge repair bill.


Asphalt is a porous surface, which is why it’s important to seal your driveway as soon as you notice signs of wear. If water seeps through and freezes, it strains the pavement and causes ever-widening cracks. This seepage may also saturate the soil beneath, causing a shift over time and result in more damage.


Houses settle over time, and in some cases, small cracks can appear in the foundation. While perfectly normal, these cracks shouldn’t be neglected. Fill them immediately while they are still small and on the surface, before water and ice damage can occur and cause real structural problems.


If you don’t properly maintain your chimney, you run the risk of suffering from a fire, smoke inhalation, or carbon monoxide poisoning from soot and creosote build-up. Have your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned once a year by a licensed chimney sweep, and make sure the chimney cap is not rusty or damaged.


Wobbly railings along your stairs, deck, or porch are a sign that there’s a weak connection between one or more of the posts and the frame. Simply tighten screws or lag bolts in places that don’t feel sturdy.


If you notice a leaky faucet or a running toilet, address it right away. Fixing a leak of any size will save you money on your water bills and prevent a small drip from becoming a plumbing emergency.


If you notice a water spot on your ceiling, don’t ignore it. While it’s obvious you may have a leak somewhere, the cause may not always be as obvious. You could be dealing with a plumbing issue from a bathroom above or roofing damage – neither of which you want to ignore.

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