In an effort to find more efficient ways to heat their homes, more and more homeowners are turning to “combi” or combination boilers. More important than the name, however, is what they do: one system that heats your home and water in place of the two separate systems you have now.

Ready to learn more? Read on to find out how combi boilers work and all the benefits you can enjoy by having one installed in your home.

What Is a Combi Boiler?

A combi boiler delivers both central heating and hot water in one compact and sleek system. The water you use around your home is heated directly from the mains when a tap is turned on, without the need for a bulky water storage tank. The cold water is heated using a heat exchanger and then transported around your home to taps, showers, and radiators. This saves significant space, money, and time.


Advantages of a Combi Boiler

With a combi boiler expertly installed by P.C. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Carpentry, you can have it all…and then some.

  1. Roughly the size of a suitcase, a combi boiler is small enough to fit in a closet, thus freeing up valuable storage space.
  2. You’ll enjoy significant cost savings compared to a heating system and water heater purchased separately.
  3. The tankless feature of a combi boiler means you’ll never run out of hot water, even during your morning “rush hour.” Plus, with water heated at a consistent temperature, you can say “good-bye” to random spurts of cold or hot water.
  4. The average lifespan of a tank-style water heater is 8 – 10 years. A properly installed and maintained combi boiler can last 15 years or more, so you can be sure your new system will serve you well for many years to come.
  5. Combi boilers are 95% energy efficient – that means you’ll save enough on your energy bills to significantly offset the purchase price.


Annual Service is Key to System Longevity

Combi boilers are designed to last at least 15 years. But guess what? Homeowners frequently call to have us replace their combi boiler after only a few years, thus negating its full value. Why does that happen? For a couple of reasons:

  • Only experienced boiler and water heater specialists like P.C. Plumbing. are qualified to properly install a combi boiler system.
  • Thorough annual maintenance is critical to your system’s longevity. Otherwise, it’s doomed from the start.

No local home service company is better qualified to install, maintain, and repair combi boilers than P.C. Plumbing Which means no one can better help you obtain full value from your investment in enhanced home comfort and convenience. Curious if a combi boiler is right for your home? Contact us today for a home comfort needs analysis and new system proposal.